New door improves security

August 6, 2009

As part of our efforts to improve security and reduce the number of unauthorized visitors, we installed a new door. It also helps to keep mosquitos and other pest away from ManneCamp. Our residents are very happy with this improvement.

The Door

The Door


The dunghill

February 15, 2007

is another great site to visit

More news from mannecamp

February 15, 2007

can be found at the all new

Girl in the woods

September 25, 2006

The rain stopped, and Gigi wandered off, exploring the habitat. Currently, she’s hiding in the woods.

Gigi in the rain

September 23, 2006

This is the first time in her life that she experienced rain. At first it freaked her out, then she was fascinated. After the novelty wore off, she decided to find shelter and wait for the rain to stop.

The Girls Night Out

September 23, 2006

Finally, Gigi was dry and chose her new wardrobe. She kept her Jeans and her hat, used her scarf as a belt, added a simple white t-shirt and a pair of blue sketchers. And she requested hair, something she never had before. A pair of green sunglasses completed her outfit.
Finally, she was ready to explore the habitat.
We’re curious to see what will happen during the next few days. If she’ll find a place to settle down, we’ll install a camera for your viewing pleasure.

Gigi wants out

September 17, 2006

Yesterday, Gigi requested to be the first mannequin to be released into the wild. So we gave her the physical and then prepped her for the outside world with 4 coats of urethane.
When dry, she will pick her outfit and explore the habitat.

Shiny happy Gigi smiling
shiny happy Gigi smiling

The Twins are here!

September 4, 2006

Today we welcome two new arrivals. They once were triplets, but their sister was sold to somebody else. They are very pale and it will take a while before they they can face daylight again.


Say Hello to Gigi!

August 28, 2006

Today we welcome a new arrival: a young girl named Gigi. We don’t know yet what happened to her, but it seems that she had a rather unpleasant past: all fingers on her left hand have been amputated!

Welcome GigiGigis left hand

Results of the Physical

August 14, 2006

Pauline passed her physical easily. She has a little problem with her eyes, but hopefully a simple procedure can cure it. If not, she might need glasses. Her skin is slightly bruised in some locations but generally in very good condition.
All joints are fully functional, no broken bones. Hands and feet are in remarkably good condition considering the years of hard work they had to edure.
Paulin complained however about the position she was forced to sit it. After a quick adjustment she was able to move her right leg and was much more comfortable.
We are currently discussing possible treatments with her.
Photos following soon.